Why to collaborate with InStar?

In the current competitive environment our propriety InStrip Technology gives us the upper hand in the field of oromucosal delivery. Thanks to more than 30 years of professional experience, we at InStar Technologies have always worked towards providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the demands of our partners.


With faster feasibility study we are able to provide customer specific delivery response within few weeks.


R&D product development in areas of nutraceuticals and drugs (including peptides and proteins).


We are able to produce oromucosal films of any batch size under GMP rules for global pharmaceutical market.


Based on our cooperation with certified workplaces for preclinical and clinical studies, we are capable of providing comprehensive service including dossier development.


InStar does not develops its own active substance and is actively involved in production on oromucosal films with active substances provided by the partners.

Advantage InStar

Advantage Stability

Studies have shown products manufactured with InStrip Technology has better stability than injectable.

Reduced logistic expense

Higher stability reduces the requirement of refrigerated cabinets for shipment.

Simplified supply chain management

From easy scale up to their administration, the InStrip Technology has simplified the pharmaceutical market.

InStar Commitment

With more than 30 years of professional experience, we are committed to proved tailored solution to the need of each customers.

We believe in transparency, and we offer complete transparency throughout the phases of project.

We are flexible and adapt to requirement of global pharmaceutical market.

Think oromucosal delivery

Think InStar

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