Our innovative, cutting edge InStrip Technology is revolutionizing the Oral Thin Film (OTF) market by enabling oromucosal delivery of peptides, proteins and vaccine antigens.

“Finally, needle-free proteins delivered across the intact oral mucosal barrier”

We are actively involved

in designing of patient centric approach for the treatment of various health diseases. By our innovative InStrip Technology we bring a new breakthrough approach by pushing the boundaries of oral thin films application in pharma market. 

The versatility of InStrip Technology will create broad opportunities for OTF products, expanding also the global market to lipophilic products,  the main roadblock for current OTF technologies or administer biologics/biosimilars non-invasive route.

The ability to adjust the pharmacokinetic of active substance gives us the upper hand over the existing OTF competing products.

The possibility of protein-based molecules loading into InStrip platform open the door for needle-free administration of hormones, biologics and biosimilars.

About us

InStar Technologies is a biopharmaceutical company with unique patented technology to exploit oromucosal active substance delivery.

Our experienced team  developed this disruptive, patented technology, making InStar the unicorn of the whole  OTF industry due to numerous advantages and USP of the InStrip technology.

The development and production team is led by our CTO Dr. Denisa Stranska, an expert in organic chemistry and pharmaceutical technology with  20 years experience in technology  and product development. Her broad expertise spans different sectors on the biomedical arena, including stem cells, wound healing, drug delivery, and bone replacement.

Denisa was driven force behind the recruiting and continuous training of the experienced InStar team.

Why InStrip Oral Thin Film technology overcomes others?

We have experience in production of oromucosal films with proteins and peptides which in general have low bioavailability and are thermo-labile, but are suitable for immunization, vaccination, etc. We have years of experience in processing these substances, which have been verified by in vitro and in vivo studies.

Other advantages includes accurate dosage, combination of different substances in one OTF, high level of homogeneity and stability in different conditions, absence of useless additives and no water needed for administration.

Use of different types of pharmaceutical polymers in InStrip technology provides different release profiles ranging from a few seconds to hours, months and even years, depending on the final application.

Possible route of administration using InStrip


Under the tongue


Buccal mucosa of cheek

InStrip advantages

Non invasive

Oromucoal delivery provides ease of administration and fast action by avoiding first pass mechanism and degradation in stomach acidic environment.

Easy to use

Place an oral film on the tongue, under it, or on the inside of your mouth.

Tailored release time

Depending upon the properties of the active substance and the demand of our partners, the release of active substance can be tailored.


Oral films with InStrip technology are also very thin and flexible.

Wide field of use

InStrip technology is suitable not only for the administration of substances with low bioavailability, it can also deal with those thermolabile ones, which means that it can also effectively supply vaccines to the body, among other things. Thanks to its excellent properties, it is used in pharmaceuticals for animals and humans, and is celebrating success that is only increasing.


OMIR - Cytomegalovirus (TAČR Grant Project)
Type 2 Diabetes
MucoVAC - Seasonal flu (EUROSTARS Grant Project)
Seasonal flu
Vax2MUC - GIT Cancer (Horizon Grant Project)

InStrip Technology in details

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Meet our Executive Team


Patrik Komárek

CEO & Chairman


Denisa Stránská



Gyan Sagar

Production manager


Kateřina Szilágyiová

qa Manager


Veronika Jirků

qc Manager


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