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Countless experiments and hours of work have to led to the emergence of a complete new and revolutionized technology that we are rightly proud of.

The extensive mucoadhesive property facilitates maximum transfer of the active ingredient to the biological systems, which is attributed to greater bioavailability of physiologically active substances.

With our InStrip™

technology we are able to work with a wide range of physiologically active substances, the delivery of which we can modify according to the nature of substance and requirements of the partner. The technology gives the advantage to produce products for both human and veterinary use.

Oromucosal administration

The oral route of administration is widely considered as the most convenient and acceptable route for drug administration. We apply our proprietary InStrip™ technology together with years of know-how to create an innovative product which is applicable in the oral cavity.

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Non invasive

application of physiologically active substances and evasion of both first-pass metabolism and degradation though gastric enzymes initiates rapid onset of action are some of the advantages of InStrip™ technology.

With our technology, the scaling up from development phase to production phase becomes straightforward. 

Why InStrip technology overcomes others?

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Other advantage

includes accurate dosage, combination of different substances in one strip, high level of homogeneity and stability in different conditions, absence of useless additives and no water needed for administration.

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We have experience

in production of oromucosal films with proteins and peptides which in general have low bioavailability and are thermo-labile, but are suitable for immunization, vaccination, etc. We have years of experience in processing these substances, which have been verified by in vitro and in vivo studies.

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Use of different types

of pharmaceutical polymers in InStrip technology provides different release profiles ranging from a few seconds to hours, months and even years, depending on the final application.

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Beyond current limits of oromucosal delivery

The production of InStrip is carried out at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, overcoming the challenge associated with thermal degradation.

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