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With countless experiments and great expertise of our researchers, we at InStar are continuously working to simplify healthcare by exploring oromucosal route of administration.
Our patented OTF InStrip Technology™ gives us the upper hand towards delivery of various active substances, including small molecules, peptides, proteins (including vaccines) and other nutraceutical, through oromucosal route.
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InStrip Oral Thin Film advantages


Enhanced mucoadhesion with improved film retention time.
Enhanced mucoadhesive property affix the film at the site of application for prolonged time period. Thus facilitating maximum release of active substance to the mucosal layer.

Room temperature

Minimal in process thermal degradation of active substance.
The entire process is carried out at room temperature and is devoid of high temperature treatment, thus minimizing the possibility of in-process thermal degradation.


Controlled drug release.
InStrip technology facilitates controlling the pharmacokinetics of active substance by controlling the dissolution of nanofiber layers. With prolonged dissolution time, the release of active substance can be delayed.

Multi drug

More active substances in one film.
InStrip technology involves deposition of different layers of nanofibers. Thus the final product can be multi layered, each with different active substance.

Possible route of InStrip administration

Think oromucosal delivery

Think InStar

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