With vision to simplify
the healthcare, InStar Technologies was founded in year 2014 in Liberec (Czech Republic) to explore oromucosal based delivery. It was achieved by bridging the outstanding academic achievement, years of experience and marketing acumen of the founders.
Our innovative
InStrip Technology is revolutionizing the healthcare by introducing the possibility to oromucosaly administer different drug substance ranging from nutraceuticals, small molecule, to peptides and proteins (including vaccines).
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Core Values

Think big

We challenge ourselves to outshine our own limitations.

Believe it's possible

We believe technology comes with challenges and science creates the possibilities.

Involve and evolve

The people that work here are Star In creativity and passionate about their work.

Never settle

Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results.

Build relationship

That means we show up for each other, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to work every day. 

Meet the Executive Team

At the heart of our company is a phenomenal leadership team that has created a culture with people who are innovative, enthusiastic, with great work ethics, and fun to be around.

Denisa Stranska, Ph.D.

COO and Co-founder


Patrik Komarek

Chairman and Co-founder


Gyan Sagar

Production manager

Katarina Szilayiova

QA manager


Veronika Jirku

QC manager


Join us in creating a new aspect of oromucosal delivery

We are looking for exceptional bright individuals who are interested in being part of team that is committed to developing a pipeline of drug formulation products.

Think oromucosal delivery

Think InStar

Contact Us

InStar Technologies a.s.
Mrštíková 399/2a
Liberec, Czech Republic

+420 603 530 001

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